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BarTender the “Best Barcode Software”

TopTenREVIEWS rated BarTender the best of
10 software packages

TopTenREVIEWS, a well-known web-site dedicated to independent reviews of numerous products, has formally named BarTender the world’s “Best Professional Barcode Software” in its 2013 review of barcode software products.

TopTenREVIEWS installed and compared 10 competing software packages and analyzed 43 different features and capabilities in each package. In the end, they gave BarTender their “Gold” award as the #1 product. TopTenREVIEWS’ comments about BarTender included:
BarTender Professional is the best barcode maker software with smooth design tools, connectivity and ample features to help you design and generate professional barcode labels.

BarTender Professional rises to the top of the pack because of its modern interface and tools to enhance efficiency and productivity.

BarTender Professional is the complete package to design and generate barcode labels, QR codes and RFID tags.

It’s a standout product and earns our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.

(TopTenREVIEWS’ analysis was of “professional barcode software.” BarTender is actually available in four separate editions: Basic, Professional, Automation and Enterprise Automation. Both Automation editions include all features found in “Professional.”)
“A lot of people have worked very hard to give BarTender the features our customers need and to then test the software incredibly well before we ship it,” said Jeremy Seigel, CEO of Seagull Scientific. “Honestly, thousands of resellers and hundreds of thousands of users have for years already considered BarTender to be the best barcode and label software available. Now, it’s incredibly rewarding to have an independent review site such as TopTenREVIEWS perform such a thorough analysis and come to the same conclusion: BarTender is simply the best.”

New line of industrial bar code printers

Released earlier this year, Zebra’s new ZT200 series of industrial bar code printers offers ruggedness and reliability in a very compact package.

Designed as a replacement for printers like the S4M and Zebra Stripe, the ZT-220 and ZT-230 remain at the same price point as their predecessors, while offering upgraded features and a smaller footprint.

These printers are designed to produce thousands of labels a day, with a middle of the road type duty cycle.

Redesigning a bar code printer

Before beginning the design process, Zebra studied the market for these desktop printers, talking with current customers to find out how the bar code printers could better serve the market niche.

Two important factors led many wish lists.

First, customers mentioned the physical size of the printers. With space at a premium in verticals like healthcare, users wanted a bar code printer that would easily fit on a desk or table.

And with high numbers of transient workers in today’s economy – including contract and temporary employees – many users asked for simplified printer controls, cutting down on training time for new users.

Zebra responded with the smallest bar code printer in its class in the market today, slicing a quarter of the volume of the previous generation printer, the S4M. And they removed the LCD interface on the lower end model, streamlining operations for users.

Bar code printer specs

Geared toward higher volume users, the ZT-230 desktop model has a rugged metal case, and features an LCD display and a full-function keypad.

The other printer in the line, the ZT-220, offers the same level of robustness as the 230, but with a smaller footprint, a reduced duty cycle, and an impact-resistant plastic case.

Designed to print thousands of labels each day, these bar code printers are used in industrial manufacturing applications, warehouse shipping and receiving, retail, healthcare and many others.

Both bar code label printers feature 300 dpi print resolution (serving you well for all but the smallest bar codes) and can handle labels up to 4.7 inches wide (104mm). The ZT-230 takes a 450M ribbon while the ZT-220 needs a 300M.

Both the ZT-230 and ZT-220 can handle all common linear and 2D bar codes, offering high quality printing capability. And Zebra offers a Fonts and Graphics downloader software which allows you to add logos and other graphics to bar code labels.

Getting started with the ZT-230 bar code printer

When you unpack the ZT-230, you can’t help but be impressed by how compact the printer is. And because of the bifold loading door, you won’t need a lot of headroom around the printer to load labels and change the ribbon.

One issue that always comes up with a new printer is that of making sure the label software knows where to start printing the label. That’s why Zebra has taken the extra step of ensuring the new line of bar code printers maintains the same first dot location and the same sensor design as the S4M and Stripe printers.

Because a label format is centered on the label based on the “first dot location,” when the ZT-230 replaces an older printer, there’s no need to change any of the settings in the bar code label software.

And since the sensors detect elements on the label, making sure each advances properly and positions the next label in the right place, label media used with the previous generation printer  won’t require adjustment.

One last thing. The height the labels exit the printer is also the same as for the previous generation S4M. That means your existing printer enclosures will take the ZT200 models without missing a beat.

All in all, the ZT-230 is a solid addition to the compact, desktop bar code printer market.

Discovering ZebraDesigner V.2

Taking a look at ZebraDesigner v2, the free offering from Zebra Technologies, one of the most respected names in the label printing business.

Zebra also offers a paid-for Pro version, and we’ll point out where this differs from the free product. The 170-page user manual is a comprehensive reference source if you get stuck.

Bar code labeling software – Installation

Installing ZebraDesigner v2 from the Zebra website was easy, although you do have to register before you can access the software. The 25-megabyte download is relatively small compared to other label design programs.

If you buy a Zebra label printer, ZebraDesigner comes with the printer on a CD. Installation takes only a few minutes, although the program only runs once you have also installed one of Zebra’s printer drivers (even if you don’t have a Zebra printer). That said, the overall process is straightforward.

The program loads quickly and once you have selected the printer that you intend to use, you are presented with the Label Setup Wizard. ZebraDesigner asks you to say which label stock you’re using before you design your label, making sure your designs are no bigger than the paper you’re printing onto. You can change your selection later, before you print, so it’s not a problem.

As ZebraDesigner expects you to use a Zebra bar code label printer, you are given a range of available labels to suit the printer you selected at first. Alternatively, you can choose custom sizes, so you’re not limited by the software. We experimented with a number of different label sizes and found the label selection feature easy to use.

Zebra Designer’s user interface will not frighten any experienced Windows user. The menus and icons are easily understood, and all the standard commands are accessible from an always-on-top menu. The package allows you to edit multiple labels at the same time, and you can resize and reposition each of them as you want.

Adding objects to a bar code label is simple. Selecting one of the icons from the left-hand menu allows you to put bar codes, text, images, lines or shapes anywhere on your label, and brings up the format wizard, prompting you for values or ‘bar code symbologies.’ ZebraDesigner includes all commonly used bar code formats – plus a few less-common types – together with nine popular 2D barcodes including PDF-217 and QR codes.

Redesigning your selected objects is also easy. Drag-and-drop resizing allows you to keep an object’s proportions, and you can select items individually or in groups for alignment – both areas where ZebraDesigner scores over Wasp’s offering. Right-clicking an object opens a box where you can change its properties, including barcode symbology, value, text content and image source. Windows users will be completely at home here.

Printing is equally user-friendly. You can format barcodes with a fixed value, or define a variable that is picked up at print time. Options for the free product include keyboard input, incremental counter, date or time, while the Pro version also allows data imported from file. Selecting and deselecting records at print time is a standard feature of this version.

What’s the difference between Free and Pro?

Aside from the ability to link to databases and spreadsheets, the Pro version of the bar code software lets you link objects to external files, which keeps the size of your label file to a minimum. ZebraDesigner Pro also includes a display grid so you can line up items on your labels more easily.

Three of the most powerful features are as follows:

  1. The use of visual basic to change your labels,
  2. Writing to RFID tags, and
  3. A wizard that helps you make GS1-128 advanced barcodes.

We hope this article gives you good ideas of how ZebraDesigner v2 can work for you, but if you need to know more, A Bar Code Business, Inc. Can help!

What’s New in BarTender 10.0

Card Printing, Advanced Drawing Functions, Major User-Interface Improvements, Data Type Support and much more.

Capture live images directly into your forms.

BarTender version 10 began shipping on March 1st, 2012. Coming 25 years after the very first version of BarTender, version 10 is the biggest and most exciting software release in our history. Introducing card printing, truly professional drawing functions and major user-interface improvements, BarTender now expands its industry leadership way beyond just label design and printing.

The new user-interfaces shown in English on this page are already translated into the 22 additional languages supported by BarTender.

For more details please visit:

Print and encode professional-looking smart cards.

Card Printing and Encoding!

BarTender version 10 adds powerful features dedicated to the design, printing and encoding of ID cards, employee security badges, membership cards and just about any other plastic card. You can even encode smart cards and magnetic stripes! (Please see separate brochure.)

Powerful, High-End Drawing

BarTender now offers many high-end drawing functions previously only seen in software packages such as Adobe Illustrator. This includes:

Choose from and customize an
incredible variety of shapes.
  • Many new shapes, including diamonds, trapezoids, parallelograms, arcs, stars, banners and polygons
  • Versatile shape fill options, including gradients, patterns, pictures and textures
  • Arrows in numerous styles
  • Customizable corners for rectangles
  • Improved line drawing, including dashed lines, compound lines, and resizable end caps
3 seconds Another 25 seconds

RFID Support in Professional

Encoding of data into RFID tags and labels was previously only provided in the two Automation editions. It is now available in Professional as well.

Brand New Properties Dialog

The Properties dialog (previously called Modify) is much faster and easier to use, including:

  • Instant changes without having to click OK
  • Quicker access to object properties
  • New “Transforms” pane makes it easier to modify imported data
  • New Data Source wizards
The navigation pane on the left of the new Properties dialog makes it quick and
easy to find the options you want to customize.
The new Transforms pane makes it even easier to customize the external data you import at print time.

Data Type Support

BarTender no longer treats all data as just “text.” Powerful support for data types (including decimals, integers, fractions, dates and more) lets you perform advanced validation and data conversion functions usually only seen in spreadsheets and database systems.

New “Select Barcode” Browser

Now it’s easier than ever to select exactly the barcode you need. Quickly preview more than 400 preformatted, ready-to use barcode components. Choose from numerous “Common Barcodes” or drill down into folders of different application-specific barcodes.

The new Transforms pane makes it even easier to customize the external data you import at print time.

Easier Object Creation

It’s now also easier to create text and import graphics. And, if you have an RFID or “smart card” capable printer, it’s easier to select the right encoding technology and standard.

The new “Create Encoder” option intelligently adapts to show you only the encoding options
available for your printer.

Better Text Formatting

Powerful new font formatting capabilities include:

  • Kerning and spacing
  • Font outlines
  • More line spacing options
  • More advanced “Word Processor” objects, including table support
  • Effects for mirror, transparency and negative

Improved Graphic Support

  • PDFs now supported
  • New clip art search engine and browser

More Flexible Document Format

You can now save multiple template designs into a single BarTender document and automatically switch between them at print-time.

Additional New Features

BarTender version 10.0 also introduces:

  • New simplified Installer
  • Expanded Librarian integration
  • New print-time “Search and Replace”
  • Available automatic borders for barcodes, text and graphics
  • Export and print logs from History Explorer
  • Improved weighing scale options
  • Expanded printer function in the Print SDK
  • Shell Extension now supports x64
  • Support for Print Quantity commands beyond four billion

For more details please visit:


Introducing the all-new I-Class Mark II that offers Powerful Performance, Unmatched Reliability and Intelligent Integration

Datamax-O’Neil Introduces the all-new I-Class Mark II that offers Powerful Performance, Unmatched Reliability and Intelligent Integration

The I-Class Mark II offers the fastest processor, largest memory and widest selection of communication ports available in a mid-range industrial printer to meet the most diverse applications

Orlando, FL – March 20, 2012 – Datamax-O’Neil, a global provider of industrial grade label and receipt printing solutions, today announces the all-new I-Class Mark II high performance industrial printer. The new printer builds off the highly successful I-Class series and incorporates features and technology that make it best in its class for performance, reliability and ease of integration. “The original I-Class series revolutionized the barcode printer industry with its award winning modular design, field installable options and rugged reliability, and was named “best channel product” in some of the industry’s most reputable independent surveys,” said Sr. Product Manager Umesh Cooduvalli. “I am excited to have been involved in making the best even better, and offer customers a printer that outpaces its competition in terms of performance, reliability and integration.” The I-Class Mark II is designed to outperform any printer in its class with 20 percent faster print speeds, 44 percent faster processing and 61 percent lower power consumption. The printer offers 50 percent more memory with 64 MB Flash and 32 MB DRAM as standard features.The I-Class Mark II’s die-cast aluminum frame and metal cabinet assure durability and its modular design provides the ability to upgrade in the field, with options such as internal rewind, thermal transfer and W-LAN. A gear-driven design provides for rigorous duty cycles and uninterrupted productivity.

IntelliSEAQ™ printheads provide a long life with their durable coating and high abrasion resistance, while offering lower power consumption. The I-Class Mark II is the first printer to come equipped with OPTIMedia™, a feature that enables the printer to automatically adjust to optimum heat, speed, darkness and contrast settings to ensure the highest quality printing.
The I-Class Mark II was designed for “intelligent” integration, with the industry’s largest selection of communication ports of any mid-range industrial printer, including serial, parallel, USB, LAN, 2 USB Host ports and SDIO, W-LAN and GPIO applicator cards. The 802.11 a/b/g W-LAN option with WPA2 security protocol is unique in the industry. In addition, the printer’s Auto-Detect language emulation feature provides for seamless replacement of existing printers, while a LCD graphical backlit display enables user friendly configuration set up and operation.
The I-Class Mark II is the ideal bar code label printer for diverse applications such as industrial manufacturing, transportation and logistics, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage.

About Datamax-O’Neil
Datamax-O’Neil is a trusted global provider of stationary and portable label and receipt printing solution products that enable manufacturing and supply markets to capture the benefits of automated product identification and automated legal and financial transactions. Datamax-O’Neil is the barcode and mobile printing business company within Dover Corporation’s Printing and Identification segment. The company’s products address a wide variety of applications, including those in the industrial, healthcare, retail, automotive and ticketing market sectors. Datamax-O’Neil is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, and maintains key facilities in California, Illinois, and France, as well as sales and technical support offices around the world.

zebra printersMost small business owners see their business not only as a source of income, but also as a place where they can pursue their passion. Efficiency must be a high priority in order for a company to be successful, but it also ensures that the business owner is freed up to do what he or she loves. With the economy fluctuating nearly every day, growing your business can leave you with the kind of headache you might experience after a roller coaster ride. But it doesn’t have to be that way, especially if you focus on making smart decisions and investing wisely.

As an inventory manager, you know your warehouse like the back of your hand. However, you probably rely on few tools like barcode printers to improve efficiency and accuracy. To help anyone in search of such a tool, we have looked around the market and found five barcode printers under $500 that are sure to help get the job done and not bust your budget.

Zebra TLP2844 Desktop Barcode Printer -$359

Running a small shop? That’s no problem for the Zebra TLP2844 (pictured top-left) which is friendly for work environments that aren’t high volume but require a device with longevity. Its 4.09-inch print width and 203 dpi print resolution is great for general use like retail product marketing or healthcare specimen labeling. The Zebra TLP2844 barcode printer produces labels using ribbon (thermal transfer) instead of heat (direct thermal), increasing durable material options and longevity of your printed labels. There are also several accessories available to help you customize it to your specific needs like label dispensers and cutters. These Zebra printers have multiple interface options including USB, Ethernet, parallel and RS232. Find out more about these Zebra printers here.

Wasp WPL305 Desktop Barcode Printer – $474.05

A device that can do the job of two printers and speed up operations not only saves a company money but keeps it moving forward. Desktop barcode barcode printersprinters like the Wasp WPL305 can print both direct thermal and thermal transfer jobs. It’s ideal for light to medium duty print jobs like shipping labels, asset tags, location labels, etc.

The Wasp WPL305 barcode printer comes with features like 8 MB operating DRAM, USB and RS232 connectivity, 2 MB of FLASH memory and Parallel, sample ribbon and labels. There are some additional memory and feature upgrades that you can purchase but you’ll be in good hands with its initial offerings. The WPL, ZPL and EPL emulations are standard system compatibility options, and there are available options for peelers and cutters. The Wasp WPL305 comes with a two-year warranty. Find out more about the Wasp WPL305 here.

Brother QL-650 PC Label Printer- $209

barcode printersThe Brother QL-650 barcode printer is a great product because of its flexibility. There are a lot of printers that are either PC or stand-alone based – this one can work in both settings. This can be an advantage when you need to print a label quickly after powering down your computer. It uses the direct thermal printing method and can produce 56 labels a minute at a 300 dpi resolution. It accepts widths up to 2.4 inches and 3 feet in length, giving you several options for applications and labels.

The Brother QL-650 prints 16 different bar codes including Code 39, 1-2/5, UPC-A, ISBN-5, PDF417 and the growing in popularity QR Code. When compared with other barcode printers of its kind, this one is at the top of the list for production quality and speed. You can check out the rest of the QL-650 specs here.

Zebra LP2824 Desktop Barcode Printer – $209.00

zebra printersThe Zebra LP2824 is one of the most economical barcode printers on the market. With a 2.2-inch print width, this direct thermal only printer is perfect for retail shelf labeling, pharmacy medication labeling and other general office, light duty barcode applications. The LP2848 Zebra printer prints at 3.5 inches per second and has models with USB, Serial & Parallel interfaces. It comes standard with a 1-year warranty and Windows print drivers. Find out more about Zebra printers here.

Zebra MZ220 Mobile Receipt Printer – $389

When your employees are on the go, it’s great to have tools that can move with them. That’s why the Zebra MZ220 is perfectzebra printers for a mobile business. You can print receipts on demand and even integrate the Zebra printer with your smart phone using Bluetooth technology. It could probably fit in your pocket like a phone, it’s that convenient. It only weighs ¾ lb and it’s not as obtrusive as many standard barcode printers. Zebra printers are known for their reliability and quality so it’s an all-around win for companies who need mobile operations. Find out more here.

Zebra TLP2844 Wasp WPL305 Brother QL-650 Zebra LP2824 Zebra MZ220
Print Width 4.09″ 4.25″ 2.3″ 2.2″ 1.9″
Print Speed 4″/Second 5″/Second 56 Labels/Minute 3.5″/Second 3″/Second
Print Type Thermal Transfer Thermal Transfer Direct Thermal Direct Thermal Direct Thermal
DPI 203 203 300 203 203
Interfaces USB, Ethernet, Parallel USB, Serial, Parallel USB, Serial USB, Serial, Parallel USB, Irda, Bluetooth, 802.11G
Warranty 1 Year 2 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Memory 512kb Flash, 256kb Ram 2MB Flash, 4MB Ram N/A 512kb Flash, 128kb Ram 4MB Flash, 8MB SRAM
Options Label Dispenser, Cutter Cutter, Peeler Cutter, PC & MAC Comp. Peeler Power Adapter, Shoulder Strap, 4 Slot Power Station
Use Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop Mobile
Price $359.00 $474.05 $209.00 $209.00 $389.00

The new Gryphon I GM4400 2D area imager blends advanced reading technology with increased productivity and flexibility in the workplace. Featuring narrow band radio communications with Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System, the Gryphon GM4400 reader offers scalable solutions from simple point-to-point applications to point-to-multipoint installations with up to 16 readers connected to the same base station.

● Datalogic’s Motionx motion-sensing technology – Enables the scanner to switch into handheld mode when the device is picked up

● Radio Range (open air) up to 30.0 m / 98.4 ft – Low sensitivity to obstacles and no interference with  Wi-Fi infrastructure

● Advanced illumination system includes a 4-Dot aimer – Clearly defines the reading zone and includes a center cross for targeting

● Snappy reading performance – Reads virtually any bar code symbology including 1D, 2D and postal codes, plus stacked and composite codes like PDF417 and GS1 DataBar

● Reads bar codes from cell phones – Join in on the latest mobile marketing campaigns

● Two-position cradle with Scan-While-Charging – Ensures the reader is always at full charge, guaranteeing you uptime!

● Batch Mode – With over 1,200 codes stored in memory you are mobile!

● Long lasting Lithium-Ion battery  – Up to 60,000 scans per charge

● Datalogic’s patented Green Spot technology – For visual good read feedback in noisy environments

Contact a sales representative today via email or 800-644-0077!Datalogic GM4400 2D

A new release of LABEL MATRIX is available. LABEL MATRIX 8.70.00 adds the following new features:

  • GS1 wizard update – The GS1 Composite wizard now allows users to enter Application Identifier data components with a streamlined process.
  • GS1 Databar modification – The default height has been adjusted to more accurately match GS1 standards.
  • ITF-14 barcode modification – The default ratio is now set to 2.5:1 to be within an acceptable range as defined by the GS1 specification.
  • Default GS1 barcode human readable text – All GS1 barcodes now include human readable text below the barcode by default.
  • GTIN and GS1-128 naming update – The naming conventions of these barcode standards have been updated.

The LABEL MATRIX Release Notes contain a full list of enhancements and defect fixes for previous versions.

View Release Notes

Download Demo

LABEL MATRIX 8.70.00 is compatible and fully tested to work with the following TEKLYNX software packages:

  • BACKTRACK 7.00.00

Thank you for your business!

Source Technologies, a global leader in specialized printing solutions, introduced two new models into their ST Performance Series of innovative thermal barcode printers. As impressive as the first model, the STp.1120n, the two new printers, the STp.1115 and STp.1125, provide the same industry leading design with rugged durability, fast print speeds and unequalled reliability. These printers are designed to meet a wide range of applications for the manufacturing, transportation, logistics, retail, healthcare and government markets.

Globally, ST Performance Series printers have already earned a reputation for ease-of-integration, ease-of-use and superior print quality and registration. The printers exceed partner and end-user requirements with the most advanced design, setting a new standard in thermal print quality: a 300dpi printer at a 203dpi price.

“Expanding the ST Performance Series ensures our partners and customers have access to the right solution for their thermal barcode printing needs. We’re excited to reveal the two new models, broadening our product offerings to cover a wide range of applications,” stated Doug Salvador, Vice President of Marketing. “We have raised the bar within the thermal barcode printing industry by designing easy-to-use products that offer what users want; higher print resolution and enhanced print quality at affordable prices.”

ST Performance Series printers provide:

STp.1115 – 6 ips print speed, designed for harsh environment applications and high duty cycles.
STp.1125 – 10 ips print speed, unparalleled reliability, ideal for mission critical applications under virtually any condition.
Standard features for all models in the Performance Series include:
Intuitive color graphical touchscreen display
Auto label loading
Auto ribbon and label set-up
USB and Ethernet connectivity
Constant ribbon tension
32MB Flash, 64MB DRAM

ST Performance Series printers are designed to use PCL5e, an industry standard printer language which alleviates integration difficulties often caused by proprietary languages. Additionally, the use of PCL enables the printers to support 50 resident scalable fonts. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about these progressively engineered thermal barcode printers from Source Technologies. Or, visit us at NRF’s 101st EXPO – booth #3314.

About Source Technologies
Celebrating 25 years of innovation, Source Technologies, an industry leader of specialized printing solutions, develops products for global markets including warehousing and distribution, finance, healthcare, transportation and logistics, and retail. Solutions include thermal barcode and receipt printers, MICR laser printers for the on-demand printing of negotiable documents, secure data printers and distribution software. Engineered for ease-of-use and reliability, our business solutions are impactful to organizations aspiring to streamline operations and increase efficiency. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Source Technologies

Charlotte, NC., July 14, 2011 – Source Technologies, a global leader in specialized printing solutions, today announced its emergence into the thermal barcode printer market. The STp.1120n, an insightfully engineered mid-range printer, is the first model in the new ST Performance Series. Acknowledging the well-established AIDC printing industry has not seen anything in the way of true advancement in years, the team of experts at Source Technologies set out to design something new, they aimed to put their product in a class of its own.

The ST Performance Series represents a new generation of intelligent barcode printers designed with the user and application in mind.   “Because we had no preconceived mandates as to what the printer line had to be, we were able to produce a product with unique benefits that integrates seamlessly into the most widely used printer language, PCL5e,” explained William Bouverie, President and CEO.  “Before designing the Performance Series we conducted extensive research.  Our team reached out to customers and thermal printer users worldwide about their industrial, mid-range barcode printing requirements.  We listened to their input, and incorporated the most important elements into our printer design.  The result is a product that is easy to use, easy to integrate, produces unparalleled print quality and is built to perform in the harshest environments.”

  • The ST Performance Series Features
  • PCL5e for plug-and-play integration
  • Intuitive color graphic touchscreen
  • 300dpi for rich graphics, barcodes and text
  • Constant ribbon tension to prevent ribbon wrinkle
  • Wide array of connectivity choices
  • Field upgradable options
  • RFID option

With PCL5e, an industry standard printer language, integration difficulties caused by proprietary languages become a thing of the past and PCL allows the printer to support 50 resident scalable fonts, a substantial advantage compared to other thermal printers.

Please contact a Sales Representative @ 800-644-0077 with any questions regarding this information or visit: