We have some exciting news to report, Zebra will be revealing an enhanced version of the G-Series in Q2 of 2011. With these enhancements, the G-Series printers will offer more value and flexibility to our customers and will integrate seamlessly into both legacy and current installations thanks to new communication interfaces.

  • Zebra has replaced the original parallel communications port on the GX™ models with a Centronics® parallel port and added this port to the GK™ models as well. This more common, standardized parallel port is the same as on the 2844™/2844-Z™ and 3842™/3844-Z™ series, so customers can reuse their current cables when migrating to the enhanced G-Series.
  • Now the GK models include triple connectivity at no extra cost. These printers will come standard with serial, USB and Centronics parallel connectivity, offering greater value to customers.
  • The G-Series already has EPL™ and ZPL® programming languages pre-installed. Now, a new auto-sensing EPL/ZPL serial port uses smart technology to automatically detect whether an EPL or ZPL serial cable is plugged in, and sets the printer to function accordingly.
  • The enhanced G-Series printers are ENERGY STAR Certified. The ENERGY STAR symbol identifies products that are among the most energy-efficient set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The following schedule will be used to migrate to the enhanced G-Series desktop printers.

G-Series (R1.0) Part Numbers Enhanced G-Series (R2.0) New Part Numbers
GX43-10xxxx-000 GX43-102xxx-000

Orders will be accepted for the enhanced G-Series beginning April 7, and product will be available for shipment May 2. Both the current G-Series (R1.0) and the enhanced G-Series (R2.0) will be included in the upcoming Q2 2011 Price List updates. Watch for an official product announcement coming next month.

While Zebra’s products have improved, their message remains the same—Zebra’s G-Series printers are always a perfect fit for every application. From the fast, reliable, basic GK model to the customizable options of the GX model, they let offer exactly the configuration customers need to handle almost any application. They’re easy to operate, easy to integrate, and easy to trust. Contact A Bar Code Business, Inc @ 800-644-0077 for more information.