As you may be aware, there were destructive thunderstorms which moved across the Midwest yesterday, causing damage to many homes and businesses. Zebra’s Vernon Hills facility was affected by this storm with a total loss of power, resulting in temporary closure.

As a result of this closing, Vernon Hills did not make shipments yesterday nor will shipments occur today. This affects orders including parts, print heads, repairs, and some printers. We have acknowledged orders with a Plan Delivery Date of today and tomorrow which will not receive shipment. Technical Service and Aftermarket Services (Service Contracts Administration) will still be available. Client Care will also be available with reduced staff to manage supplies orders and other issues.

The utility company in the area is working to remedy all affected with power outage. We hope power will be restored before tomorrow and will send additional communication to update our partner community.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has or may cause, and are committed to getting orders out as soon as physically possible. We thank you for your understanding and continued business.