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Product Line Search for Rental/Loaner Equipment

Rent A Datamax I-4208 Printer
Built to meet the toughest printing requirements the DMX-I-4208 incorporates many standard features normally found as options on competitive products.
Rent A Datamax I-4212 Printer
The I-4212 is an excellent choice where high volumes of labels are required quickly either on demand or in batches. It is ideal for printing labels for industrial commercial business and clinical labeling applications.
Rent A Datamax H-4310X Printer
H-Class printers provide throughput that is up to twice as fast as other printers in its class, and its gear-driven design provides rugged and reliable performance for 24x7 mission-critical service.
Rent A Zebra LP 2844-Z Desktop Printer
An exciting new addition to the Zebra Desktop Series, the dynamic 2844-Z features a powerful combination of proven Zebra attributes. The 2844-Z offers the best in-class integration capabilities of any desktop thermal label printer in the industry.
Rent A Zebra LP2824 Desktop Printer
The LP 2824 redefines the compact printer class. It fits into areas other printers cannot, withstanding rough handling and integrating easily into a wide range of applications.
Rent A Zebra LP2844 Desktop Printer
This user-friendly printer delivers optimal performance in todays on-demand desktop labeling applications. The LP 2844 has a sturdy construction with a double-walled ABS casing.
Rent A Zebra TLP 2824-Z Bar Code Label Printer
The TLP 2824-Z integrates easily into a variety of printing applications, including retail point of sale, shelf labeling, product marking, inventory control and asset management, healthcare specimen labeling, patient tracking, and small office mailing, shipping and file labeling.
Rent A Zebra TLP 2844-Z Desktop Printer
The TLP 2844-Z integrates easily into a variety of printing applications, including shipping and receiving, inventory control, healthcare specimen labeling and patient tracking, coupon and receipt printing, transportation and logistics, and e-commerce postage.
Rent A Zebra TLP2824 Desktop Printer
With one of the smallest footprints of any two-inch desktop printer in the industry the LP and TLP 2824 fit into places other printers cannot without sacrificing speed print quality or media capacity.
Rent A Zebra TLP2844 Desktop Printer
This space-saving user-friendly printer delivers optimal performance in todays on-demand desktop labeling applications. The TLP2844 is loaded with impressive features and a small price tag!
Rent A Metrologic ScanPal 2 Portable Data Collector
Metrologic''s compact ScanPal®2 mobile handheld computer is designed for a multitude of scanning applications including inventory/stock control, shipping and receiving, document monitoring, factory floor data collection, shelf price audits, price checking, asset tracking, warehousing and distribution with ergonomic, single handed operations.
Rent A BCR-8000
The BCR-PDT 8000 is an excellent entry-level data collection terminal. The BCR-PDT 8000 is a compact, lightweight, high performance data terminal designed for all-day, everyday use, with a price designed to fit your budget. The economical BCR-PDT 8000 offers many of the same features often associated with higher priced portable data terminals.
PSC/Datalogic PT 2000 Batch Portable Data Teminal
Small and lightweight, the PT 2000 is your answer to portable data collection. Its convenient size fits comfortably in your hand.
Rent A Datalogic QuickScan Mobile Handheld Reader
Datalogic Scanning''s QuickScan Mobile handheld reader is perfect for use at the point-of-sale plus this multi-purpose device can also double for inventory, price checking and shelf replenishment activities. The product provides an outstanding return on investment for users seeking a cordless handheld device for general purpose retail and commercial data collection applications.
Rent A Datalogic Heron G CCD Gun
The new Datalogic Hand-Held Reader was developed to provide high performance with an appealing design. The result is a gun shaped reader that is compact, robust, easy to handle and lightweight.
Rent A Datalogic PowerScan Handheld Scanner
The PowerScan family of Handheld Laser Bar Code Scanners has been specifically designed from the ground up to meet the demands of industrial users. In this tough environment the right tool makes all the difference.
Zebra HC100 Patient I.D. Solution
Developed specifically to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers, Zebra's reliable HC100 Patient I.D. Solution makes wristband printing easier and more cost-effective than laser solutions. This solution combines the reliable HC100 direct thermal printer with easy-to-load cartridges containing the industry's only antimicrobial-coated wristbands Zebra's Z-Band wristbands. Minimal training! Pop the wristband cartridge into the HC100 printer print individual wristbands on demand. Compare these two simple steps with laser printing, which often requires staff to load forms into a special tray, print labels, apply a label to the band, and fold a laminate over the band.
Datamax E-4204 Printer
The DMX-E-4204 was designed from the ground up to be more price-feature-value competitive than any other printer in its class. It can print a wide variety of labels ranging from small office shipping labels to compliance and general purpose product identification labels and tags. Medical laboratories automobile service shops shipping-mail centers and inventory stock rooms are all typical examples of the types of businesses that can benefit from the E-4204. And with PDF417 and MaxiCode 2D bar code capabilities the E-4204 can print complex transportation symbols and label formats.

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