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Intermec EasyCoder PC41 Desktop Bar Code Printer
Intermec''s EasyCoder PC41 printer facilitates label printing in almost any environment including retail, office, healthcare, logistics, government, manufacturing, and warehouse particularly where space is limited.
Intermec EasyCoder 3240 Mid-Range Barcode Printer
The Intermec 3240 is your solution for printing high quality labels for the smallest of applications. With its 400 dpi resolution the 3240 is engineered to print labels from 0.1 inch up to 2.7 inch wide with superior quality and scannability.
Intermec EasyCoder PD41 Mid-Range Bar Code Printer
The EasyCoder PD41 is a dependable and versatile printer suitable for medium duty applications in manufacturing, transportation and warehousing environments.
Intermec Intermec EasyCoder PF4i Printer
The EasyCoder PF4i is designed to excel where space is limited. Utilizing the latest technology, it features a strong and proven mechanical platform, and powerful newly developed electronics. The EasyCoder PF4i can act as a smart client executing user-de.ned programs. This means that your printer can eliminate the PC, operate additional hardware (e.g. scanners, other printers, conveyors), access information from the network, and has the ability to change with the application for additional functionality when needed. When using the EasyLAN Wireless option, any attached peripheral devices also become part of the wireless infrastructure.
Intermec PB20 Direct Thermal Portable Printer
Faster firmware enables the PB20 to print graphics and in particular offer signature capture capability not previously available in other Intermec portable printers.
Intermec PB40 Direct Thermal Portable Printer
Mobile workers will no longer need to go back to the truck to print a ticket or wait for a ticket to print while selecting products to deliver with the Bluetooth equipped PB40.
Intermec PB42 Portable Wireless Printer
Intermecs PB42 four inch wireless portable receipt printer is designed to improve direct store delivery (DSD), Field Service, and Home Utility applications.

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