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Citizen CBM-293 Thermal Printer
High speed printer for POS fast food restaurant and convenience store use.
Citizen CD-S500 Dot Matrix Impact Printer
The CD-S500 is ideally suited for point-of-sale applications that require color or monochromatic one, two or three-ply receipts, is fast and cost-effective and has the latest in drop-in paper loading technology, all in a compact and versatile design.
Citizen IDP-3550 Receipt Printer
An economical impact printer for bankcard, POS, fast food, restaurant and convenience store use.
Citizen CBM-910 Palm Size Impact Printer
Ultra-compact printer for bankcard POS coin counting and portable applications.
Citizen CBM-910II Impact Printer
The CBM-910 is an ultra-compact impact printer designed for bankcard, POS, ticketing, kitchen, or deliver slip.
Citizen CBM-920 Impact Printer
Citizen CL-S700 Direct Thermal-Thermal Transfer Printer
The CL-S700 series is built with durability and ease of access in mind. Featuring a large, programmable front LCD control panel and a revolutionary Cross-Emulation control board that allows the printer to switch from Datamax to Zebra emulations at the touch of a button, the CL-S700 is designed for years of service. The CL-S700's front-loading rewinder option is unique in the industry. All rewinder loading and unloading is accomplished from the front of the unit. Ribbon and media loading is equally quick and easy with a Hi-Lift metal mechanism that opens to a full 90 degree allowing for easy access to theribbon and media path.
Citizen CMP-10 Portable Thermal Printer
Citizen CT-S2000 Thermal Printer
With its unique high-speed DMA (Direct Memory Access) the CT-S2000 is a two-color, thermal printer capable of real-world speeds up to 220 mm/second and offers variety of advanced printer features including: Spill-Shield design to prevent damage from moisture or foreign objects to the internal mechanism, large capacity (102mm) drop-in paper loading, Quick-Clear technology for one-touch clearing of cutter jams, a two-million cut rated auto paper cutter, USB interface standard on ALL units (serial and parallel), and can accommodate four different paper widths (58, 60, 80, and 82.5 mm).
Citizen CT-S280 Printer
The CT-S280 is a two inch data printer offering high-end features rarely found in a printer of this size. With its compact design and easy drop-in paper loading, this printer is a convenient, low maintenance data printing solution. Built for hi-speed and low-noise operation, the CT-S280 is ideal for a variety of business applications including coin-counting, ticketing, automotive testing, data-logging, and credit card processing. This two-color printer can be desktop or wall-mounted and comes with a parallel, serial, or USB interface. In addition, a downloadable customization utility is available to customize print speed, darkness, default font, etc.
Citizen CT-S310 POS Printer
The Citizen CT-S310 POS printer has it all: 150 mm/sec high-speed printing, the smallest footprint in its class and a dual-interface standard (USB + serial, parallel, or Ethernet) on all models. All this, plus it can be positioned horizontally, vertically, or even wall mounted for extra versatility. Best of all, it comes with the features you have come to know and trust from one of the most respected names in POS printers: drop-in paper loading, a long-life paper cutter, barcode printing, and the industry's best three year warranty.
Citizen CT-S4000 Thermal Printer
The CT-S4000 thermal printer offers high-speed printing with selectable paper widths up to 112 mm. This printer is ideal for printing applications that require larger amounts of data or information, including secure prescription printing. This durable two-color thermal printer features a drop-in design for easy paper loading, expanded 102 mm paper roll capacity for fewer roll changes, built-in power supply, and dual interface standard on all units (USB + serial, parallel or Ethernet). With its unique DMA (Direct Memory Access) text and graphics can download faster to increase productivity. This versatile printer can be positioned horizontally, vertically, or wall mounted. Whether you are printing daily reports, delivery slips, or prescriptions the CT-S4000 can handle the job.
Citizen CT-S801 Printer
The first in a new line of revolutionary Intelligent printers, featuring the industry's first POS printer with a back lit graphic LCD display that communicates with you. It is ideal for a variety of applications from retailers, end users, resellers and software developers in any location or environment, the unit has increased functionality that opens doors to the universe. Out of Paper? The two-line LCD display alerts you: Paper end Please change paper. Alternatively, if the front cover is open F cover open Please close front cover. There is an apps provided to customize, change or edit the display message on LCD.
Citizen GSX-190 Dot Matrix Printer
The Citizen GSX-190, The Perfect Printer Right from the Start. Talk about great beginnings. Say you're a small-business professional working at home and you want your documents to look crisp, clean, and businesslike. Or, you're a student who needs to generate detailed reports and complicated graphs. Even if you've never used a printer before, the Citizen GSX-190 delivers professional results, quickly and easily. That's because the GSX-190 is so simple and technically advanced. With a 9-Wire printhead, dot matrix printing speeds to 270 CPS, and crisp 216 x 240 DPI high resolution output, the GSX-190 could very well be all the printer you'll ever need. All with effortless ease of operation and ultra quiet performance.
Citizen IDP-3551 Receipt Printer
Designed for such applications as receipts journals kitchen ticket and credit-debit card transactions the iDP-3550 Series Printers have a cash drawer kick-out feature that can control two drawers. The IDP-3551 also features a 6K memory buffer two-color printing semi-automatic paper loading and an auto-cutter. It weighs six pounds and prints up to 3.6 lines per second.
Citizen PD24 Portable Printer
Citizen's PD24 portable printer is the latest design for users requiring the ultimate in portable printing technology. The PD24 prints at 2 inches per second allowing for a typical 8 inch long receipt to be printed in just over 4 seconds. This coupled with the PD24's small size and weight (1.18 lbs.) make it the perfect printer for hospitality, route accounting, healthcare, law enforcement, field service, and retails applications.
Citizen PPU-231 Printer
Citizen PPU-700 Line Thermal Kiosk Printer

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