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ZebraCare Service Agreements

Zebra On-Site Printer Repair Services

With new ZebraCare On-Site, we can now provide you with an even wider variety of service offerings to help you cost-effectively extend your Zebra® printer uptime. One call brings a Zebra-trained and -certified ZebraCare On-Site service technician to your facility fast. Using genuine Zebra™ parts, your On-Site service technician will quickly return your Zebra printer to original specifications—and help return your operations to full productivity.

A ZebraCare On-Site service agreement will eliminate the need to return your Zebra printer to a Zebra repair center. Choose from these competitively priced service agreements tailored to your needs.

Zebra offers two levels of on-site service to meet your specific needs:

  • ZebraCare™ On-Site Advantage—Next-Day Response
    Service technician arrives at your location the next business day on requests received before 3:00 p.m. EST (Eastern Standard Time).

  • ZebraCare™ On-Site Advantage Plus*—Same Day Response
    Service technician arrives at your location within four hours of on-site service requests received before 12:30 p.m. EST (Eastern Standard Time).

    * Four-hour response available only in select locations, and custom on-site solutions also available. Please contact A Bar Code Business Inc., or your account representative for availability in your area.

Additional Service Options

Comprehensive Coverage
Upgrades your service agreement to include printhead replacement and physical damage repair.

Benefits of ZebraCare On-Site
ZebraCare On-Site service agreements are a fast, convenient way to assure printer productivity—and keep your operations up and running.

• Routine preventative maintenance checkups and repair services are all done on-site—reducing printer downtime.
• Factory-certified technicians bring your printer back to original specificatiions.
• ONLY genuine Zebra parts are installed in each repair.
• You’ll reduce your overall cost of ownership and protect your printer investment.

Contract Order Form and Price List

Terms and Conditions

ZebraCare Depot Service Agreements

ZebraCare Depot Service Agreements provide the finest care and attention for your printer service needs throughout the agreement period. In addition, Zebra’s agreements provide you with a cost-effective means of planning and budgeting your annual printer service needs.

ZebraCare Depot Service ~ Quality and Flexibility

Your Zebra® printer is a crucial part of your bar code printing solution. That is why Zebra offers an array of maintenance and service programs designed to keep your printer in proper working condition. You will have peace of mind in knowing that highly trained professionals using quality parts are servicing your printer. And you get all of this at a competitive price. No matter which program best fits your needs, you will have access to a wide range of benefits, including:

• Trained Product Experts
• Genuine Zebra™ Parts and Printheads
• Most Current Engineering Specifications
• Quick Response Times
• A Commitment to Quality and Continual Improvement

Keep reading for descriptions of Zebra’s service options and see why there is no better alternative for the long-term life of your Zebra printer.

ZebraCare Depot Standard with Comprehensive Coverage

ZebraCare Depot Standard service agreements cover all the labor and parts required to keep your printers operating at the high performance levels you have come to expect from Zebra. All Zebra printers returned for service under this agreement will receive a complete preventative maintenance procedure and will be returned to you at no additional cost.

Coverage Highlights

• All parts and labor (excluding printheads, accessories and batteries)
• Only genuine Zebra parts installed by factory-certified and –trained technicians
• Required repair of nonfunctioning equipment
• Cleaning and adjustment
• Complete preventative maintenance procedure at no cost (highperformance, specialty and industrial/commercial printers only)
• Engineering changes (ECOs) are automatically applied, keeping your printer up to date
• 3- to 5-day lead time from date of receipt
• Return shipping via ground at no cost

ZebraCare Depot Advantage
ZebraCare Advantage includes all the standard features with the addition of two-day or better turnaround on all corrective maintenance and FREE firmware upgrades upon request.

ZebraCare Depot Advantage Overnight
ZebraCare Advantage Overnight provides the features of the ZebraCare Advantage plan, plus includes free next-day return shipping.

ZebraCare Depot Advantage PLUS
With the ZebraCare Advantage Plus program, we will maintain a pool of up to 6 percent of your inventory at our facility for same-day exchange, provide free overnight shipping and offer monthly activity reports.

Depot Service Contract Order Form and Price List

Terms and Conditions

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