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Datalogic PowerScan 8300 Series Scanner
PD8300 ~ PM8300

P/N: DLS-PD8330                    PowerScan D8330, Laser Scanner Only*                    List: $650.00
                                                                                                                         Call For Your Price

DLS-PD8330-AR                 PowerScan D8330, Auto Range Scanner Only*                List: $920.00
                                                                                                                          Call For Your Price

DLS-PD8340-AR              PowerScan D8330 Auto Range (UNDECODED)                     List: $820.00
                                                                                                                         Call For Your Price

DLS-PM8300-D910      PowerScan D8300 w/ Display, Laser & 910 MHZ Only*           List: $1,280.00
                                                                                                                         Call For Your Price

DLS-PM8300-910       PowerScan M8300, Laser Scanner & 910 MHZ Only*              List: $1,050.00
                                                                                                                         Call For Your Price

DLS-PM8300-AR910    PowerScan M8300, Auto Range Laser & 910 MHZ Only*         List: $1,280.00
 *Interface Cable, Base & Power Supply Sold Separately                                    Call For Your Price

PowerScan M8300 Kits
Exclusively From A Bar Code Business, Inc.

DLS-M8300KIT-PS2ST-PWR              M8300 Laser Scanner, 910Mhz, Charging Base & PS/2 Cable
                                                                                  List: $1,509.00
                  Call For Your Price

DLS-M8300KIT-USBST          M8330 Laser Scanner, 910Mhz, Charging Base & USB Straight Cable
                                                                                  List: $1,502.00
                  Call For Your Price

DLS-M8300KIT-USBC             M8300 Laser Scanner, 910Mhz, Charging Base, & USB Coiled Cable
                                                                                  List: $1,509.00
                  Call For Your Price


Free Pre-Sale & Post-Sale Technical Support

Product Data Brochure
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The Perfect Genesis:
PowerScan® Powered by Dragon™

Datalogic Scanning is excited to announce the availability of the PowerScan 8000 Series of industrial bar code readers.

Previously competitors, now family, the PowerScan, Dragon and Lynx™ product lines have a long history and a deep penetration in the industrial market sectors. These products have equally earned their reputation and mutual respect from users and have a demonstrated history of proven performance in these demanding environments.

Combining the Best of the Best

The PowerScan 8000 series of industrial bar code readers has blended the best of the PowerScan, Dragon and Lynx product features to produce a new hybrid series of products, a revolution in the PowerScan brand.

United together in the PowerScan 8000 series of readers are the power and ergonomics of the Dragon products and the rugged durability of PowerScan products, combined to produce the ultimate industrial devices, rivaled by no other manufacturer.

Top Facts about PowerScan 8000 Series of Industrial Bar Code Readers

Featuring a variety of optics for different applications the PowerScan 8000 series of products are packed with features and offer superior reading performance and durability. The PowerScan D8300 Laser Scanner and D8500 2D Mega-Pixel Imager are corded models and the M8300 is a cordless version featuring Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System for narrow band radio communications. Additional product highlights include:

  • Proven Rugged: reliable performance in extreme environments
  • Datalogic’s 3 Green Lights (3GL™) for superior “good read” feedback in any working conditions: Datalogic’s patented “Green Spot” on the code and patented dual LEDs provide unmatched reading feedback, visible from any angle.
  • Configuration Simplicity: “Verifier” functionality and “automatic bar code family setting” simplifies the start-up procedure even for inexperienced users.
  • Outstanding Reading Performance through enhanced decoding software reinforced by Datalogic’s Puzzle Solver™ Technology for outstanding reading performance on bad or poorly printed codes.
  • Long Lasting Li-Ion Battery to guarantee operation without interruption for several shifts. Optional “Plug-in” battery separately rechargeable in a dedicated single slot included in the cradle or with the multi-battery charger with 4 slots to guarantee operation 24/7 (M8300)
  • Datalogic Star Cordless System™: from the simplest point-to-point cable replacement up to complex networks including hundreds of operators scanning in the same area and connected to the same host, keeping installation cost and complexity always under control. (M8300)
  • Optional Display and 3-Key Keypad: it allows a real time interaction between the operator and the host. The operators can be informed remotely about correctness of the activity he is carrying out as well as about mistakes, increasing productivity and reducing the overall error rate. (M8300).
  • Key Features: PowerScan D8300 / M8300
    Laser Bar Code Scanners


    • Standard and Auto Range Optics
    • Corded (D8300) and cordless (M8300) models available
    • Optional Display and 3-Button Keypad for interactive communication with the host (M8300)
    • Datalogic STAR Cordless System™ for narrow band radio communications
      • Available in 433 MHz or 910 MHz radio frequencies
      • Superior radio range
      • Up to 50 m / 164 ft (433.92 MHz)
      • Up to 30 m / 99 ft (910 MHz)
      • Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point and Networking to solve both simple applications and complex projects: up to 2,000 devices supported
      • Seamless roaming
      • Paging Function to identify connected readers
    • Loud Beeper and Datalogic’s exclusive 3 Green Lights (3GL™) for superior “good read” feedback

Extensive Product Options to Meet Your Requirements

There are a variety of options within the PowerScan 8000 series of bar code readers available, from model configurations to a full array of accessories to help you organize your workplace and optimize your productivity.

Free Pre-Sale & Post-Sale Technical Support

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