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Barcode Printer Service & Repair

"Selling A Product Is Only One Small Portion of Our Job."

"We Will Gladly Assist You With the Repair & Maintenance
of ALL Manufacturer's Equipment!!"

Service Advantage

When you choose to do business with A Bar Code Business Inc., you are choosing a wealth of experience! For over 15 Years, we have been repairing and maintaining a wide array of barcode printers, scanners, and portable data terminals. These are some of the advantages we offer:

  • Expert Barcode Printer Repairs & Maintenance
  • Fast Service, Quick Response & Turn Around Times
  • All Major Brands of Barcode Printers Serviced
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs Available
  • Always Competitively Priced

All repairs performed by A Bar Code Business, Inc.., include guaranteed workmanship, alignment and calibration as necessary, and a total return to factory specs. Only OEM parts are used to complete repairs. All items repaired must successfully complete a thorough test once they are repaired and before they are returned to the customer or put back into service.

Priority Barcode Printer Repairs

We understand that you depend on your equipment to function properly and keep your business running smoothly. We know that unexpected equipment failures put a strain on production and shipping schedules, create stress for your managers and employees, and have an adverse impact on your bottom line. If you have an equipment-down emergency, use our Contact Form or simply pick up the phone and Call us right now!

Let us help you get back online fast with our guaranteed quality workmanship and world class customer service. Our rapid response and quick turn-around times have enabled customers with critical situations to get back to work right away.

Standard Repair and Service

When it comes to "Standard" barcode printer repairs, A Bar Code Business, Inc., has been raising the standard for years and years! Our so-called "Standard" repair service rivals the breadth, depth, and quality of barcode printer and label applicator repairs available anywhere.

Guaranteed, factory-authorized workmanship, quick turn-around times, and competitive pricing are the hallmarks of our Standard Repair Services. Combined with our replacement parts and consumables support, availability of new product from major manufacturers, and the experience to know what makes sense for you, A Bar Code Business, Inc., offers an unbeatable level of attention, efficiency, and customer support.

If you are not getting top performance from your barcode printers, let us show you how A Bar Code Business, Inc., can save you money in the long run. Act now before a small problem turns into a major headache: Use our Contact Form or simply pick up the phone and Call us right now!

Preventative Maintenance

This business is one that lends itself very well to the adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A Bar Code Business, Inc., can help you avoid expensive, unexpected repairs and down time by maintaining the sensitive balance required to keep your machines running at peak performance.

We provide custom-tailored preventative maintenance programs that will do just that! Generally speaking, we recommend having your barcode printers, label applicators, or print and apply units inspected, and serviced if necessary, about once every six months. Of course, there are many different factors that might alter this schedule.

You can arrange for a no-cost, no-obligation assessment and evaluation by Calling us during normal business hours, or feel free to use our online Contact Form any time you like. Depending on your needs, we may conduct a survey and interview over the telephone, or arrange for an on-site visit and inspection.

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