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Discontinuance of the LP/TLP 2844™, the
TLP 3842™ and the LP/TLP 2824™

Zebra has announced the discontinuance of all configurations of the following desktop printer products:

  • LP 2824™
  • TLP 2824™
  • LP 2844™
  • TLP 2844™
  • TLP 3842™

New orders for the LP/TLP 2824 will not be accepted after September 30, 2012. New orders for the LP/TLP2844 and the TLP 3842 will not be accepted after October 31, 2012.

The following table summarizes key dates and the recommended replacement models associated with this product discontinuation:



Now is a great time to demo a newly announced GC420d/GC420t—a drop-in replacement for the LP/TLP 2844—with the same footprint, greater performance and a lower list price than the LP/TLP 2844. The LP/TLP 2824 Plus and the GX430t printers have already proven to be performance winners and are great replacements for the LP/TLP 2824 and TLP 3842, respectively.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a Sales Representative @ 800-644-0077.



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